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Use Tuki Today on any web browser to schedule and manage your team.

Designed in collaboration with many industry professionals Tuki Today helps you see and organise your schedule faster using different views and tools based on your needs.

All you need to do is press publish and your team gets notified of their schedules immediately.
Change the way your team accesses their schedule and communicates with you with Tuki Today.
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Quickly nominate and make request shift support to fill empty or un attended shifts.

The app helps you make quick decisions on who to choose when you need it most.
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Looking to hire for your team?
We can help take the time and pain away from hiring by using our pool of pre-screened talented hospitality individuals to find the right match for your team.

At Tuki we will help our clients get access to the right food service and hospitality candidates with our specialized market knowledge and matchmaking algorithms. The process is very simple. When we find a match for you, we interview the candidate with you, after which you can request the candidates you think are best to come for a trial period with no obligations. Then just hire who you think fits your team best! For more information, please contact us on or whatsapp via +351 910 789 156.
"We have been using Tuki for the last month and although still in an early phase it has been remarkable the week by week improvements. Both Udai as well as Jorge have been providing great support with any queries. As it stands Tuki is at a stage where we believe it's ready for the work market as it is a fantastic tool for staff allocation, rota scheduling and overall general managing."
Rita - General Manager - El Bulo Social Club
"I thought Tuki as an idea was very interesting, has a lot of potential and solves very important problems that we face all the time.… I found Tuki Today very easy to use. The schedule system alone will save me and my colleagues a lot of time and will really help us. My partners and I want to use Tuki Today for our businesses and we look forward to getting started…"
JORGE MOREIRA - Burgers and Sports and My’Kay Pokebawls
"...we are keen to use Tuki as our HR management app...if it will be possible to link it with our clock-in clock-out program Elo as it will be a great added value and game changer for us."
Guillermo Fernández - Director of Operations at The Independente Collective
"'s better then Excel!..."
Chef Delfina - El Bulo Social Club
"It (Tuki) helps me to see my schedule, tell me how much I have to work. It’s a really cool app which reminds me of what I need. It’s very helpful."
Nistana - El Bulo Social Club
"It (Tuki) helps me to remind my timeline , it allows me to see the hours that I have to work when I have doubts. I receive the notifications , it’s easy to use and I use it everyday.”
Maria - El Bulo Social Club