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Our vision to build a world in which individuals have control of their lives to access and discover opportunities, in supportive teams and engaging communities, that provide financial security, growth and fulfilment.
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At Tuki we want to help you find the right opportunities for you. By filling in our type form and providing your CV you are giving us the chance to match you with our partners.
“You guys did an incredible job and helped me very much! Hope you have a super future filled with good things!”
Mateus Guerra Mateus
“...Thank you very much Tuki...helped me and continue to help me and keep in touch. Very helpful, nice, serious, ... the selection process was fast, a few days after the interview I was already working. Once again, thank you Rafael and the whole Tuki team. ”
Juliano Araujo
Tuki Today at its core helps users access their schedule, get notifications and receive announcements.

The value the system creates is that it helps you organise yourself better and by doing so it gives you more ownership of your time.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to find a job that suits their needs, a job that gives them financial security as well as the opportunity to work with people they like working with.

By creating more effective and seamless communication between Management and Team, Tuki Today is providing you with greater flexibility including giving you chances to pick up extra shifts and earn more money where you already work.
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We hope to help everyone in the industry especially those who need it most.
We’re Tuki, Tuki literally means support and We’ve Got Your Back!
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We are focussed on building Tuki to be of value to you. Working together we are confident we can make it possible to give people more ownership of their time and the professional opportunities that work best for them.
If you’re already working for a hospitality business all you need to start an account is your name , email and phone number.

If your team doesn’t use Tuki and you would like for us to come and speak with your company please WhatsApp +351 910 789 156 or email us at and we’ll reach out to them immediately.