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At Tuki we care most about what the people need in the community. We're still an early stage businesses and can't make promises but by learning about your needs we can try our best. For example we already understand that there are many people here in Portugal who are looking for "English speaking jobs" or "Jobs in English" primarily because there are many who have moved here and don't speak Portuguese.

We're trying to help these people in two ways. First, we are actively trying to find legal opportunities where they can get started and start earning and second we've partners with Speak Social (give link here) who are a fantastic organization helping people to learn Portuguese and other languages. We believe learning Portuguese is an important part of integrating yourself in Portugal and we whole heartedly encourage everyone to try and learn the language so they can take full advantage of with this beautiful and welcoming country.

Speak Social
SPEAK connects newcomers and locals through language and culture exchange experiences. At SPEAK you can learn or practice a language in an informal way through games and dynamic sessions, you can also attend community organized events and learn more about different cultures while meeting people. The groups run for 12 sessions of 1.5 hours per week for €29 and the events are free and opened to everyone.

Tuki community members, get a 10% discount.
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